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what does mondofacto mean?

mondo: (Italian) the world.

facto: (Italian) de facto, of the facts, the way that it is.

mondo: (Japanese) questions and answers; a pithy dialogue between a Zen master and their student.

about mondofacto

mondofacto.com is the website of Mondofacto Ltd, an education company specialising in providing online learning and resources. We exclusively license the Online Medical Dictionary, originally developed by Dr Graham Dark, which has been delivering over 15 million definitions a year to a community of loyal users, including health professionals, medical and biomedical students, medical secretaries and academics. We are constantly developing and expanding the dictionary, and welcome requests for new features and definitions.

We have a team of editors and content writers with a range of scientific and technical backgrounds. A number of the mondofacto team are recent graduates, and they are the inspiration and brains behind our study skills pages. We've combined our insight into the study skills that undergraduates need, with our experience in creating online learning that works to offer a range of short study skills topics.

Mondofacto.com is a widely used and trusted site, which is included in number of prestigious Internet resource collections. These include the Intute database of resources that have been hand-picked and evaluated for quality and relevance by academic subject experts and the Internet Public Library's collection of authoritative and reliable material.

As well as writing for mondofacto.com, our content writers and editors work with subject experts to create online learning for education providers. You can find more information on our course writing services here.

how is the site funded?

All the content on mondofacto.com is currently free to access, and the site is entirely funded through advertising revenue. We will introduce subscription services in the future, but we will never charge for access to our dictionaries and study skills topics.

our mission

Our mission is to create a world of information through a community of brighter minds.