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User comments

I have found your site very useful. I just googled "how to read at university" and found your stylish and helpful tutes!
Amiabull, Australia [Posted in the forum]

I recommend mondofacto to everyone I know who deals with med terms - you are by far the best site on the web. I have to say, I would be lost without mondofacto. I just wanted to tell you have grateful I am for this site.
MrsMac Ohio, US [Posted in the forum]

I came across your site by pure chance - and think it's wonderful.
Dizzilexia [Posted in the forum]

This website has been a great help to me in writing my CV. It offered me some top tips on how I should set it out. The website itself is so easy to follow and very stylish. Keep up the great work!
Sirus [Posted in the forum]

The Study skills are great!!
medicalstudent [Posted in the forum]

The course was amazing.
Anonymous [course evaluation survey]

Anonymous [course evaluation survey]