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adding a custom search box to firefox and internet explorer

A mondofacto user suggested we created a custom search box for Firefox, i.e. one which appears at the top right of the firefox window, and could be used to search our dictionary. This gives you the option to search our dictionary from any location when Firefox is open, as show below.

dictionary box image

We thought this was a really good idea, so investigated how we could do it. We also realised that vast proportion of our users would be using Internet Explorer, so we set about finding a method of people adding a search box on that browser too. An explanation of how to do this is explained below.

guide to add a mondofacto search box (firefox)

1. Install Add to search bar extension

Navigate to this website: Add to search bar

Install the extension, by clicking Add to Firefox (As shown below). Firefox will then ask you to restart itself, to complete the installation.

add search extension

Once you have done this, you are ready to add the mondofacto dictionary.

2. Add the mondofacto dictionary to the search bar.

Navigate to our dictionary: mondofacto dictionary. Right click the search box, and then click Add to Search Bar. (As shown below).

add dictionary engine

3. That's it! You should now be able to use the mondofacto dictionary from anywhere in Firefox. If you have any problems, or queries, please don't hesitate to ask for help on our forum.

guide to add a mondofacto search box (internet explorer)

1. Navigate to create custom search engine page

With Internet Explorer(v7) open, look to the top right of the window, where there should be a down arrow button located next to a search box. Click this, and then Find More Providers (as shown in the below image)

add new search engine

2. Enter the custom search box details

You should now see a box which looks something like this:

add new search engine

Now copy the following into the first box:


Into the second box, add a name of your choosing, for example: mondofacto dictionary. Your page should now look like this:

add new search engine

3. Install the dictionary

Once this data has been entered, press Install, and then click Add Provider.

Finally, navigate to the top right of your screen, where you choose search boxes, and click on the mondofacto dictionary option.

Congratulations! You should now have added a custom mondofacto search box to Internet Explorer. If you have any problems, or queries, please don't hesitate to ask for help on our forum.