1. Concordant; musical; consonant; as, harmonic sounds. "Harmonic twang! of leather, horn, and brass." (Pope)

2. Relating to harmony, as melodic relates to melody; harmonious; especially, relating to the accessory sounds or overtones which accompany the predominant and apparent single tone of any string or sonorous body. Harmonic interval, the distance between two notes of a chord, or two consonant notes.

3. <mathematics> Having relations or properties bearing some resemblance to those of musical consonances; said of certain numbers, ratios, proportions, points, lines. Motions, and the like.

Harmonical mean, the chord of a note with its third and fifth; the common chord.

See: harmony.

Origin: L. Harmonicus, Gr.; cf. F. Harmonique.

(06 Mar 1998)

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