Managed Learning Environmenteducation dictionary

<e-learning, learning technology> A coherent set of computer applications to support the whole learning process from potential students showing interest to alumni.

The key feature is the interoperation of the various components of the system so that data is fed appropriately to the various systems. It is not unusual at the moment for student information to be entered separately into more than a dozen systems including student registry, departmental, student services, health services, accommodation. This leads to enormous wasted costs and data which is inaccurate as one database is updated, and others are not.

The key to these systems is that they allow a student centred view of the data rather than a systems view. One system contains information on the courses the student is registered on, another on their progression, a third on the books borrowed from the library and so on. If a student comes asking for help it may be very difficult to diagnose the real problem as the tutor can only see a small part of the relevant information, and will have to send the student to others for other parts of the support. With a managed learning environment it is possible to integrate all the information and make it available appropriately to both the student and their tutor.

Acronym: MLE

(10 Mar 2006)