1. Not distant or remote in place or time; near. "The loud tumult shows the battle nigh." (Prior)

2. Not remote in degree, kindred, circumstances, etc.; closely allied; intimate. "Nigh kinsmen." "Ye . Are made nigh by the blood of Christ." (Eph. Ii. 13)

Synonyms: Near, close, adjacent, contiguous, present, neighboring.

Origin: OE. Nigh, neigh, neih, AS. Neah, nh; akin to D. Na, adv, OS. Nah, a, OHG. Nah, G. Nah, a, nach to, after, Icel. Na (in comp) nigh, Goth. Nhw, nhwa, adv, nigh. Cf. Near, Neighbor, Next.

(01 Mar 1998)

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