<tool> A file compression and archiver utility for MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows from PKWARE, Inc.. PKZIP uses a variation on the sliding window compression algorithm. It comes with pkunzip and pklite and is available as shareware from most FTP archives in a self-expanding MS-DOS executable.

Current versions as of 01 Apr 1999: PKZIP 2.60 GUI for Microsoft Windows 3.1x, Windows 9x, Windows NT; PKZIP 2.50 Command Line for Windows 9x NT; PKZIP 2.04g for MS-DOS; PKZIP 2.51 for Unix, (Linux, SPARC Solaris, Digital, HP-UX, IBM AIX and SCO Unix); PKZIP 2.50 for OS/2; PKZIP for Open VMS/VAX.

WINZIP is a version with a GUI for Microsoft Windows.

A distribution in about 01 Mar 1995 claiming to be "PKZIP 3" was actually a trojan horse which attempted to reformat the hard disk and delete all files on it.


[Status, history of WINZIP, PKLITE?]

(01 Apr 1999)

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