<computer hardware, standard> A physical and electrical specification for the x86 processor socket matching the pins on Pentium microprocessors manufactured by Intel, and compatibles made by Cyrix, AMD and others. Any CPU chip conforming to this specification can be plugged into any conforming motherboard.

Supported processors include: 2.5V - 3.5V Pentiums 75-233 MHz, AMD K5 through K6, Cyrix 6x86 (and MX) P120 - P233.

Socket 7 uses a SPGA socket, either a 296 pin LIF or a 321 pin ZIF arranged as 37x37 or 19x19 (depending on who you speak to!).

See also: Super 7.

Intel's Pentium II processor uses Slot 1 mounting.


(01 Apr 1999)

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