V-type ATPasemedical dictionary


<cell biology> From eukaryotic endomembrane systems, including vacuoles, lysosomes, golgi apparatus, chromaffin granules and coated vesicles. One of three major classes of ion transport ATPase, characterised by a multi subunit structure and a lack of a phosphorylated intermediate.

Found in archaebacteria but not eubacteria, in the intracellular acidic vacuoles and in some proton pumping epithelia (e.g. Intercalated cells of kidney). A complex enzyme encoded by several genes, involved in ion translocation but does not act via phosphorylated enzyme intermediate

See: P-type ATPase.

Registry number: EC 3.6.1.-

Synonyms: atpase, v-type, atpase, vacuolar, vacuolar atpase, v-atpase, vacuolar h+-atpase, vacuolar membrane h(+)-atpase, vha55 gene product, vma16 gene product

(26 Jun 1999)

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