1. Involving or comprising action; active. "Her walking and other actual performances." (Shak) "Let your holy and pious intention be actual; that is . . . By a special prayer or action, . . . Given to God." (Jer. Taylor)

2. Existing in act or reality; really acted or acting; in fact; real; opposed to potential, possible, virtual, speculative, coceivable, theoretical, or nominal; as, the actual cost of goods; the actual case under discussion.

3. In action at the time being; now exiting; present; as the actual situation of the country. Actual cautery. See Cautery. Actual sin, that kind of sin which is done by ourselves in contradistinction to "original sin."

Synonyms: Real, genuine, positive, certain. See Real.

Origin: OE. Actuel, F. Actuel, L. Actualis, fr. Agere to do, act.

(01 Mar 1998)

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