1. To make trial or experiment of; to try; to endeavor to do or perform (some action); to assay; as, to attempt to sing; to attempt a bold flight. "Something attempted, something done, Has earned a night's repose." (Longfellow)

2. To try to move, by entreaty, by afflictions, or by temptations; to tempt. "It made the laughter of an afternoon That Vivien should attempt the blameless king." (Thackeray)

3. To try to win, subdue, or overcome; as, one who attempts the virtue of a woman. "Dear sir, of force I must attempt you further: Take some remembrance of us, as a tribute." (Shak)

4. To attack; to make an effort or attack upon; to try to take by force; as, to attempt the enemy's camp. "Without attempting his adversary's life." (Motley)

Synonyms: See Try.

Origin: OF. Atenter, also spelt atempter, F. Attenter, fr. L. Attentare to attempt; ad + tentare, temptare, to touch, try, v. Intens. Of tendere to stretch. See Tempt, and cf. Attend.

(01 Mar 1998)

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