carrier scannercomputing dictionary

<computer security> (Or "wardialer") A program which uses a modem to dial a series of phone numbers (say, from 770-0000 to 770-9999), and keeps a log of what phone numbers answer with a modem carrier. The results of such a search were generally used by people looking to engage in random mischief in random machines.

Since the 1980s, wardialers have generally fallen into disuse, partly because of easily available "caller ID" technology, partly because fax machines are now in wide use and would often be logged as a carrier by a wardialer, and partly because there are so many new and more interesting venues for computerised mischief these days.

(01 Mar 1997)

carrier screeningmedical dictionary

Indiscriminate examination of members of a population to detect heterozygotes for serious disorders and counsel about the risks of marriages with other carriers, and by antenatal diagnosis where a married couple are both carriers; often sacrifices precision to simplicity and is most effectively applied to populations known to be at high risk.

(05 Mar 2000)

carrier signalcomputing dictionary

<communications> A continuous signal of a single frequency capable of being modulated by a second, data-carrying signal. In radio communication, the two common kinds of modulation are amplitude modulation and frequency modulation.

(01 Mar 1995)

carrier statemedical dictionary

A condition in which a human who is not himself sick harbors an infective organism which may cause disease in those to whom it is transmitted.

(12 Dec 1998)

carrier strainmedical dictionary

A bacterial strain that is contaminated with a bacteriophage of low infectivity.

Synonyms: pseudolysogenic strain.

(05 Mar 2000)

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