contrast mediamedical dictionary

<radiology> Side-effects from high osmolality / viscosity (fluid shifts from different compartments), vasodilatation, heat, pain, osmotic diuresis, haemodynamic changes, pharmacokinetics, distribute volume into extracellular space, clearance by glomerular filtration and renal excretion, physiologic reaction, increased plasma osmolality causes fluid shift from RBCs and pulmonary tissue leading to increased plasma volume, then osmolar gradient reverses with passage of contrast bolus to pulmonary capillary endothelium leaks protein into pulmonary interstitium leading to increased pulmonary oedema, transient cardiovascular changes (magnitude increased with tonicity of medium), increased PAP, increased CO with decreased peripheral/pulmonary vascular resistance, decreased systemic arterial pressure (variable), may activate gen receptors causing side effects

(12 Dec 1998)