cysteine S-conjugate N-acetyltransferasemedical dictionary


<cell biology> Catalyses n-acetylation of l-cysteine thioesters to form mercapturic acids; important in drug detoxication

Registry number: EC

Synonyms: cscn acetyltransferase

(26 Jun 1999)

cysteine string proteinmedical dictionary


(CSPs) Peripheral membrane proteins that contain more than 10 palmitoylated cysteines and a DNA J homology domain. Nature 375:647

This entry appears with permission from the Dictionary of Cell and Molecular Biology

(11 Mar 2008)

cysteine sulfinate desulfinasemedical dictionary


<cell biology> Catalyses removal of elemental sulphur and selenium atoms from cysteine, cystine, selenocysteine and selenocystine to produce l-alanine.

Registry number: EC 4.4.1.-

(26 Jun 1999)

cysteine sulfinic acidmedical dictionary

-O2S-CH2CH (NH3)+COO-;a natural oxidation product of cysteine; an intermediate in the formation of taurine (via cysteic acid).

(05 Mar 2000)

cysteine synthasemedical dictionary


<cell biology> An enzyme that catalyses the biosynthesis of cysteine in microorganisms and plants from o-acetyl-l-serine and hydrogen sulfide.

Chemical name: O(3)-Acetyl-L-serine acetate-lyase (adding hydrogen sulfide)

Registry number: EC

(12 Dec 1998)