degree-seeking studenteducation dictionary

Students enrolled in courses for credit who are recognized by the institution as seeking a degree or formal award. At the undergraduate level, this is intended to include students enrolled in vocational or occupational programmes.

(14 Jan 2009)

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degrees of freedomcomputing dictionary

<robotics> The number of independent parameters required to specify the position and orientation of an object. Often used to classify robot arms. For example, an arm with six degrees of freedom could reach any position close enough and could orient it's end effector (grip or tool etc.) at any angle about the three perpendicular axes.

Acronym: DOF

(02 Feb 2009)

degrees of freedommedical dictionary

In statistics, the number of independent comparisons that can be made between the members of a sample (e.g., subjects, test items and scores, trials, conditions); in a contingency table it is on e less than the number of row categories multiplied by one less than the number of column categories.

Acronym: DOF

(05 Mar 2000)