1. To appropriate by vow; to set apart or dedicate by a solemn act; to consecrate; also, to consign over; to doom; to evil; to devote one to destruction; the city was devoted to the flames. "No devoted thing that a man shall devote unto the Lord . . . Shall be sold or redeemed." (Lev. Xxvii. 28)

2. To execrate; to curse.

3. To give up wholly; to addict; to direct the attention of wholly or compound; to attach; often with a reflexive pronoun; as, to devote one's self to science, to one's friends, to piety, etc. "Thy servant who is devoted to thy fear." (Ps. Cxix. 38) "They devoted themselves unto all wickedness." (Grew) "A leafless and simple branch . . . Devoted to the purpose of climbing." (Gray)

Synonyms: To addict, apply, dedicate, consecrate, resign, destine, doom, consign. See Addict.

Origin: L. Devotus, p. P. Of devovere; de + vovere to vow. See Vow, and cf. Devout, Devow.

(01 Mar 1998)

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