<e-learning, learning technology> E-learning is an extension of distance learning, where the learning material is delivered using electronic means, typically using the Internet. The teaching can involve knowledge exploration, interaction with simulations, interaction with other students and a teacher through discussion, as well as support and mentoring via e-mail.

Good teaching is always good teaching, no matter what the delivery method and this approach requires a high quality of material as the teacher is no longer the deliver of the learning, but the mentor, facilitator, support person and the marker of assessments.

The great advantage of e-learning is that the end user has access to a large body of knowledge that can be delivered via the Internet, and the teaching becomes more about guidance through the knowledge rather than the delivery of facts.

Perhaps for a modern definition: E-learning is the continuous assimilation of knowledge and skills stimulated by synchronous and asynchronous learning events - and sometimes Knowledge Management outputs - which are authored, delivered, engaged with, supported and managed using Internet technologies.

See: distance learning, m-learning

(09 Mar 2006)

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