<abuse> /fee'ld ser'voyd/ A play on "android", a derogatory term for a representative of a field service organisation (see field circus), suggesting an unintelligent rule-driven approach to servicing computer hardware.

(01 Aug 2003)

field shaping coilsmedical dictionary

<radiobiology> Type of poloidal field coils (in a tokamak) which create magnetic fields which shape and control the plasma. Used to constrain horizontal and vertical displacements of the plasma, as well as (in some configurations) produce non-circular plasma cross-sections (poloidal cross-section) and/or create one or more divertor separatrices.

(09 Oct 1997)

fields of Forelmedical dictionary

Three circumscript, myelin-rich regions of the subthalamus known as H fields (from Haubenfelder); 1) field H1, corresponding to the thalamic fasciculus, a horizontal fibre stratum at the junction of the subthalamus and the overlying thalamus, is composed of pallidothalamic and cerebellothalamic fibres (brachium conjunctivum) and is separated by the zona incerta from the more ventrally placed field H2; 2) field H2, formed by the lenticular fasciculus and arching over the dorsal border of the subthalamic nucleus, is composed largely of pallidothalamic fibres; 3) field H3 or prerubral field, is a large field of intermingling gray and white matter immediately rostral to the red nucleus, uniting fields H1 and H2 around the medial margin of the zona incerta; its gray matter forms the prerubral nucleus.

See: lenticular loop.

Synonyms: campi foreli, tegmental fields of Forel.

(05 Mar 2000)

Field's rapid stainmedical dictionary


A stain to permit rapid positive diagnosis of malaria in endemic areas by using thick films; it employs methylene blue and azure B in a phosphate buffer, with the preparation counterstained by eosin in a phosphate buffer.

(05 Mar 2000)

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field surveymedical dictionary

The planned collection of data among noninstitutionalised persons in the general population.

(05 Mar 2000)

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