1. A brother or member of any religious order, but especially of one of the four mendicant orders, viz: (a) Minors, Gray Friars, or Franciscans. (b) Augustines. (c) Dominicans or Black Friars. (d) White Friars or Carmelites. See these names in the Vocabulary.

2. A white or pale patch on a printed page.

3. <zoology> An American fish; the silversides.

<medicine> Friar bird, a stimulating application for wounds and ulcers, being an alcoholic solution of benzoin, styrax, tolu balsam, and aloes; compound tincture of benzoin.

<botany> Friar's cap, the European white or sharpnosed skate (Raia alba); called also Burton skate, border ray, scad, and doctor.

Origin: OR. Frere, F. Frere brother, friar, fr. L. Frater brother. See Brother.

(01 Mar 1998)

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