intermediate sacral crestsmedical dictionary
intermediate service agencyeducation dictionary

Regional centres or agencies established by some state governments to provide needed services, assistance, and information to local schools and districts.

Acronym: ISA

(14 Jan 2009)

intermediate speciesmedical dictionary

<chemistry> Species formed in a reaction consisting of more than one step. An intermediate is produced in one reaction and consumed in the following reaction.

(09 Jan 1998)

intermediate supraclavicular nervemedical dictionary


<anatomy> One of several nerves arising from the C-3-C-4 part of the cervical plexus which run across the top of the shoulder and pass down across the clavicle to supply the skin of the top of the shoulder and in the infraclavicular region.

Synonyms: nervus supraclavicularis intermedius, middle supraclavicular nerve.

(05 Mar 2000)

Intermediate Systemcomputing dictionary

<networking> (IS) An Open Systems Interconnection system which performs network layer forwarding. It is analogous to an IP router.

(01 Mar 1994)

Intermediate System-Intermediate Systemcomputing dictionary

<networking> (IS-IS) The OSI Interior Gateway Protocol.

(01 Aug 2003)