ischaemic colitismedical dictionary

<radiology> Precipitating factors: volvulus, carcinoma, cardiovascular disease, history of aortoiliac reconstruction (2%) with ligation of IMA, abrupt onset of lower abdominal pain and rectal bleeding, location: splenic flexure (80%) and rectosigmoid (watershed areas), BE: single contrast prefered (lesions may become effaced with double contrast), serrated mucosa; pseudopolyposis; transverse ridging; thumbprinting on mesenteric side; deep ulcers, CT: thickening of wall; irregular lumen (thumbrinting), curvilinear collection of intramural gas, portal and mesenteric venous air, blood clot in superior mesenteric artery / superior mesenteric vein, Angio (similar to inflammatory disease): normal / slightly attenuated arterial supply, mild acceleration of arteriovenous transit time

American spelling: ischemic colitis

(12 Dec 1998)