orbicularis oculi musclemedical dictionary

<anatomy> Consists of three portions: orbital part, or external portion, which arises from frontal process of maxilla and nasal process of frontal bone, encircles aperture of orbit, and is inserted near origin; palpebral part, or internal portion, which arises from medial palpebral ligament, passes through each eyelid, and is inserted into lateral palpebral raphe; lacrimal part (tensor tarsi muscle, Duverney's or Horner's muscle) arises from posterior lacrimal crest and passes across lacrimal sac to join palpebral portion; action, closes eye, wrinkles forehead vertically; nerve supply, facial.

Synonyms: musculus orbicularis oculi, musculus orbicularis palpebrarum, orbicular muscle of eye, sphincter oculi.

(05 Mar 2000)