<computer architecture> Data transferred from a computer system to the outside world via some kind of output device.

Opposite: input.

(01 Mar 1997)

1. The amount of coal or ore put out from one or more mines, or the quantity of material produced by, or turned out from, one or more furnaces or mills, in a given time.

2. <physiology> That which is thrown out as products of the metabolic activity of the body; the egesta other than the faeces. See Income.

The output consists of: (a) The respiratory products of the lungs, skin, and alimentary canal, consisting chiefly of carbonic acid and water with small quantities of hydrogen and carbureted hydrogen. (b) Perspiration, consisting chiefly of water and salts. (c) The urine, which is assumed to contain all the nitrogen truly excreted by the body, besides a large quantity of saline matters and water.

(01 Mar 1998)

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