1. An implement consisting of a headpiece having teeth, and a long handle at right angles to it, used for collecting hay, or other light things which are spread over a large surface, or for breaking and smoothing the earth.

2. A toothed machine drawn by a horse, used for collecting hay or grain; a horserake.

3. [Perhaps a different word.


A fissure or mineral vein traversing the strata vertically, or nearly so; called also rake-vein. Gill rakes.

<anatomy> See 1st Gill.

Origin: AS. Race; akin to OD. Rake, D. Reek, OHG, rehho, G. Rechen, Icel, reka a shovel, and to Goth. Rikan to heap up, collect, and perhaps to Gr. To stretch out, and E. Rack to stretch. Cf. Reckon.

1. [Icel. Reika. Cf. Rake a debauchee] To walk about; to gad or ramble idly.

2. [See Rake a debauchee] To act the rake; to lead a dissolute, debauched life.

<veterinary> To rake out, to fly too far and wide from its master while hovering above waiting till the game is sprung; said of the hawk.

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