1. A lying at rest; sleep; rest; quiet. "Shake off the golden slumber of repose." (Shak)

2. Rest of mind; tranquillity; freedom from uneasiness; also, a composed manner or deportment.

3. A rest; a pause.

4. That harmony or moderation which affords rest for the eue; opposed to the scattering and division of a subject into too many unconnected parts, and also to anything which is overstrained; as, a painting may want repose.

<physics> Angle of repose, the inclination of a plane at which a body placed on the plane would remain at rest, or if in motion would roll or side down with uniform velocity; the angle at which the various kinds of earth will stand when abandoned to themselves.

Synonyms: Rest, recumbency, reclination, ease, quiet, quietness, tranquillity, peace.

Origin: F. Repos. See Repose.

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