Having a yellowish colour; of a pale, sickly colour, tinged with yellow; as, a sallow skin.

Origin: AS. Salu; akin to D. Zaluw, OHG. Salo, Icel. Solr yellow.

To tinge with sallowness. "July breathes hot, sallows the crispy fields." (Lowell)

1. The willow; willow twigs. "And bend the pliant sallow to a shield." (Fawkes) "The sallow knows the basketmaker's thumb." (Emerson)

2. <botany> A name given to certain species of willow, especially those which do not have flexible shoots, as Salix caprea, S. Cinerea, etc.

<botany> Sallow thorn, a European thorny shrub (Hippophae rhamnoides) much like an Elaeagnus. The yellow berries are sometimes used for making jelly, and the plant affords a yellow dye.

Origin: OE. Salwe, AS. Sealth; akin to OHG. Salaha, G. Salwiede, Icel. Selja L. Salix, Ir. Sail, saileach, Gael. Seileach, W. Helyg, Gr.

(01 Mar 1998)

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