1. An instrument for mowing grass, grain, or the like, by hand, composed of a long, curving blade, with a sharp edge, made fast to a long handle, called a snath, which is bent into a form convenient for use. "The sharp-edged scythe shears up the spiring grass." (Dryden) "The scythe of Time mows down." (Milton)

2. A scythe-shaped blade attached to ancient war chariots.

Origin: OE. Sithe, AS. Sioe, sigoe; akin to Icel. Sigor a sickle, LG. Segd, seged, seed, seid, OHG. Segansa sickle, scythe, G. Sense scythe, and to E. Saw a cutting instrument. See Saw

Alternative forms: sithe and sythe.

(01 Mar 1998)

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