Attempting to predict aspects of the behaviour of some system by creating an approximate (mathematical) model of it. This can be done by physical modelling, by writing a special-purpose computer program or using a more general simulation package, probably still aimed at a particular kind of simulation (e.g. structural engineering, fluid flow). Typical examples are aircraft flight simlators or electronic circuit simulators. A great many simulation languages exist, e.g. Simula.

See also: emulation, Markov chain.

Usenet newsgroup: comp.simulation.

(01 Feb 1995)

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Imitation; said of a disease or symptom that resembles another, or of the feigning of illness as in factitious illness or malingering; in radiation therapy, using a geometrically similar radiographic system or computer to plan the location of therapy ports.

Origin: L. Simulatio, fr. Simulo, pp. -atus, to imitate, fr. Similis, like

(05 Mar 2000)

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