sodium bicarbonatemedical dictionary


Carbonic acid monosodium salt (CHNaO3).

A white, crystalline powder that is used as an electrolyte replenisher and systemic alkaliser. It is applied topically in solution to wash the nose, mouth, or vagina, and as a cleansing enema.

Pharmacologic action: Acid neutralization.

Uses: Preexisting metabolic acidosis, hyperkalemia, tricyclic or phenobarbital overdose.

Dose in mEq: 0.3 * (base deficit) * (wt in kg).

Potential complications: Metabolic alkalosis, hypercarbia, hyperosmolar state.

Note: Since HCO3- does not cross cell membranes and CO2 does, the administration of bicarbonate may actually make tissues more acidotic.

Chemical name: Carbonic acid monosodium salt.

(12 Mar 2000)