1. Given to study; devoted to the acquisition of knowledge from books; as, a studious scholar.

2. Given to thought, or to the examination of subjects by contemplation; contemplative.

3. Earnest in endeavors; aiming sedulously; attentive; observant; diligent; usually followed by an infinitive or by of; as, be studious to please; studious to find new friends and allies. "You that are so studious Of my affairs, wholly neglect your own." (Massinger)

4. Planned with study; deliberate; studied. "For the frigid villainy of studious lewdness, . . . With apology can be invented?" (Rambler)

5. Favorable to study; suitable for thought and contemplation; as, the studious shade. "But let my due feet never fail To walk the studious cloister's pale." (Milton) Stu"diously, Stu"diousness.

Origin: L. Studious: cf. F. Studieux. See Study.

(01 Mar 1998)

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