1. <botany> A plant of the genus Dipsacus, of which one species (D. Fullonum) bears a large flower head covered with stiff, prickly, hooked bracts. This flower head, when dried, is used for raising a nap on woolen cloth.

Small teasel is Dipsacus pilosus, wild teasel is D. Sylvestris.

2. A bur of this plant.

3. Any contrivance intended as a substitute for teasels in dressing cloth. Teasel frame, a frame or set of iron bars in which teasel heads are fixed for raising the nap on woolen cloth.

Origin: OE. Tesel, AS. Tsel, tsl, the fuller's herb. See Tease

Alternative forms: tassel, tazel, teasle, teazel, and teazle.

(01 Mar 1998)

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