ubiquitin-protein ligasemedical dictionary


<cell biology> Consists of 3 enzymes; e1 is ubiquitin activating enzyme; e2 transfers activated ubiquitin as an enzyme-ubiquitin thiol ester to e3, which transfers ubiquitin to an intracellular protein; e1 forms both an enzyme-bound cooh-terminal ubiquitin thiolester and a cooh-terminal ubiquitin-adenylatte; ube1y is putative y function in spermatogonial proliferation; ube1x and ube1y encode the e1 enzyme

Registry number: EC

Synonyms: ubiquitin-protein ligase system, ubiquitin-protein-lysine n-omega-ligase, ubiquitin-activating enzyme, ubiquitin-activating enzyme e1, ubiquitination activating enzyme e1, ube1 gene product, rsp5 ubiquitin-protein ligase, npi1 protein, ube1y gene product, ube1x gene product, ikappab-ubiquitin ligase

(26 Jun 1999)