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Visna-Maedi virus
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<virology> A species of retrovirus lentivirus, subgenus ovine-caprine lentiviruses (lentiviruses, ovine-caprine), that can cause chronic pneumonia (maedi), mastitis, arthritis, and encephalomyelitis (visna) in sheep.

First identified in Iceland in 1954 when it was introduced by sheep imported from Germany and causes two diseases the most common, is a pulmonary infection.

Maedi is a progressive pneumonia of sheep which is similar to but not the same as jaagsiekte (pulmonary adenomatosis, ovine). Maedi is Icelandic for shortness of breath.

Visna is a demyelinating leukoencephalomyelitis of sheep which is similar to but not the same as multiple sclerosis in humans. Visna is Icelandic for wasting.

(11 Mar 2009)

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