1. A twig or flexible rod; hence, a hurdle made of such rods. "And there he built with wattles from the marsh A little lonely church in days of yore." (Tennyson)

2. A rod laid on a roof to support the thatch.

3. <zoology> A naked fleshy, and usually wrinkled and highly coloured, process of the skin hanging from the chin or throat of a bird or reptile. Barbel of a fish.

4. The astringent bark of several Australian trees of the genus Acacia, used in tanning.

Synonyms: wattle bark.

<botany> The trees from which the bark is obtained. See Savanna wattle, under Savanna. Wattle turkey.

<zoology> Same as Brush turkey.

Origin: AS. Watel, watul, watol, hurdle, covering, wattle; cf. OE. Watel a bag. Cf. Wallet.

(01 Mar 1998)

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