Exams - Study Skills

exam skills

Exams looming? Try our topics on revision technique, dealing with nerves and tackling specialist exams like OSCEs.

how to revise

This topic will show you how to use different revision techniques which will help you to retain information in your long term memory and therefore recall it during your exams.

how to get organised for exams

So much to learn, but so little time? Maximise your revision time by getting organised: it might seem a little obsessive, but it will be worth it!

how to succeed at exams for medics

Feel like there's not enough hours in the day to learn what you need to learn? That's because there aren't. The skills lies in knowing enough - and remembering it on the day.

how to succeed at OSCEs

OSCEs are the most feared of all the medical exams. Pick up some tips on how to communicate with and examine patients, and how to present cases.

how to succeed at MCQs

As a medical student, you'll sit a lot of MCQ exams, and even when you graduate, you won't be free of them - postgraduate exams are often MCQ based too. For this reason, it's vital to get the hang of taking MCQ exams at an early stage in your medical career.

how to pass your exams

Prepare for your exams by learning how to answer exam questions, how to relax and by using our top tips to ensure you get the best mark possible!