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Have you ever run out of revision time before the exam? Did you end up cramming all night? Have you ever walked to the exam with your notes in hand, trying to drum in the last few facts before the exam? (Been there, done that - didn't do very well in the exam!)

This happens to most students at some point during their exam career. The key to overcoming this problem is to have a plan. This plan will help to ensure that you can cover all the topics you need to in enough detail to be confident of your knowledge when entering the exam. If you stick to your plan, you won't even have to get up at 3am on the morning of your exam to finish your revision! The following activity will help you to create a plan for your revision.

For these activities you will need:

Activity: Creating a revision plan - 1 hour

1. Obtain a copy of your exam timetable or schedule.

2. Using today as the first date, and the last exam as the last date, create a timetable that includes each day from now until then.

3. Fill in each exam in the correct day. Highlight each exam day in a bright colour.

4. Think about how many exams you have, and how much material you need to cover.

Hint: You will have to spend more time revising the subjects that you find difficult.

5. Use your previous experience to judge how long you need to revise each topic or lecture - be realistic.

6. Working backwards from each exam, fill in details of how you will spend each day.

7. Don't forget to leave time for 'catch-up days' and days off.

Recommended Further Reading

Once you have started revising, it is really important to stick at it. This is something a lot of students find difficult. The activity on the next page will help you to stay motivated during your revision.

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