How to get organised for exams


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Many students struggle with motivation during their revision time - a few weeks of revision can feel like a really long slog. The key to overcoming this is to identify what is motivating you to take your exams and therefore revise. For example, you may need to pass your exams to get into uni or to get a job, or you may want to get a good degree, or you may want to tell you friends and family that you've achieved a 2:1 or 1st class degree.

Activity: Creating a revision plan - 1 hour

1. On a piece of plain paper, write down in no more than three sentences, your reasons for taking your exams and why you want to do well in them.

2. Spend a few minutes thinking about how great you will feel when you do well in your exams.

3. Add any words which describe this feeling to the piece of paper.

4. Stick this piece of paper above your desk and review it when you are struggling to revise. It will remind you of why you are doing revision and taking exams.

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