How to pass your exams

what is this topic about?

Have you ever felt that you have been fully prepared for an exam, but when it came to the all important day, something went wrong? This topic will help you to improve your exam technique, and get all the knowledge you gained during your revision down onto paper.

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who should do this topic?

Uni students (or any other students) who want to become improve their exam technique. The activities in this topic are based on essay-style or long answer exams. However, if you are taking a different type of exam, such as a multiple choice paper, you will still find a lot of the advice in this topic useful.

how long will this topic take?

It should take you about two hours to complete this topic.

what do I need to know before I do this topic?

You don't need any prior knowledge to do this topic.

do I need any equipment or resources to do this topic?

For some of the activities in this topic, you'll need a pen and paper. You will also need to obtain some past paper questions for your upcoming exams. You can usually get these from a tutor or your school library.

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