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Stress management

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The vast majority of students will find the exam period a stressful and worrying time. A little bit of stress can be a great motivator during revision and keep you alert in your exams. Too much stress, however, will distract you from revision, make you tired and leave you jittery and under confident in your exams.


If you have been completing our various exam skills topics you should hopefully be well prepared for your exams, however, even the most prepared students can get stressed. If you feel that you are becoming stressed or worried about your exams, and that this is more than minor exam butterflies, you will need to implement some stress management techniques into your daily routine. During revision, students often feel that any time spent not revising is wasted time. WRONG! Learning to relax and switching off at the end of the day's revision will allow you to unwind and digest all the information you have been learning that day.

Activity: applying stress management techniques during your revision

1. Think of an activity that you find relaxing, there are some examples below but feel free to choose different activities.

  • Breathing exercises - 5 minutes
  • Short walks - 15 minutes
  • Yoga - 30 minutes
  • Lunch with friends - 1 hour
  • Watching TV - 2hours
  • Playing sport - 3 hours

2. Decide how long you are going to spend on this activity. You should be having short breaks throughout the day to break up your revision, but you should also be taking longer breaks, in the evenings or as designated time off to unwind.

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