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Creating mindmaps

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As we have already discussed, our brains store chunks of information which are linked to other chunks of information. Harnessing this powerful linking mechanism is a key technique to achieving effective revision. One way to do this is to use mind maps. The following task will help you to bring together a lot of the information your have revised so far, therefore creating links between them, and solidifying them in your long term memory.

Below is an example of a mindmap which summarises everything in this topic.

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Revision Mindmap
Activity: creating pictures to aid your memory

1. Write the revision topic or subject title in the middle of a page of plain paper.

2. Using the mind map shown above as an example; create branches from this central word for each major concept, fact or idea for this topic.

3. Continue to build your mind-map by adding lines between linked concepts and adding words, phrases and pictures to create a one sheet map of the entire subject or topic.

4. Use colour in your mind map to stimulate your mind (up to three colours is effective)

5. If you find mind maps a helpful way to revise, create a mind map for each topic you have to study.

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