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Have you ever experienced the 'tip of the tongue' phenomenon? Someone asks you a question, for example; 'What other film has that actor been in'? And you can feel the answer on the tip of your tongue, but you just can't remember. It's frustrating, isn't it? Well, this phenomenon happens to people in exams, they know that they have revised a topic and know the answer to the question, they just can't remember it!

Consolidating information simply means to solidify, strengthen and bring together the knowledge you have already revised.

Group discussion is a great way to consolidate your knowledge. Discussing relevant subject material with coursemates will encourage you to make links between different topics you have studied, confirm that what you have studied is useful, interesting and relevant, allow you to practice thinking about the information in a discussion format (useful for essay-style exams) and highlight any gaps in your knowledge, which can then be revisited.

Activity: using group discussion to aid revision

1. Arrange a time to get together with course mates. Make sure you can all meet for at least an hour.

2. Ask all your course mates to bring along a question or topic they wish to discuss.

3. Think of a topic you wish to discuss; this could be something that you find particularly interesting or particularly difficult.

4. You can then discuss these chosen topics together. This could be in the form of a presentation, debate or teaching session.

5. Remember, this is not a competition about who knows the most, it is about helping each other to strengthen your knowledge.

6. If a coursemate mentions something that you find particularity interesting, ask them where they found this information, and read it later.

7. Stay on topic!

Recommended Further Reading

There are other ways to consolidate your learning. Try teaching someone else, or practice writing answers to past paper questions. Both of these activities will help you to form links between different pieces of information, therefore strengthening your knowledge.

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