Personal - Study Skills

personal skills

Work on your life skills with topics on managing your money, coping with house mates, and getting that dream job.

how to get a job

About to graduate and looking for ways to stand out from the herd? Get some tips on writing great CVs and covering letters - and find out how to explain any awkward career gaps.

how to write professional email

This topic will help you recognise and avoid common email bad practices, and write effective, professional emails to your course tutors and potential employers.

student cooking survival guide

This topic is aimed at anyone wanting to learn the basics of cooking on a budget, and provides details on recipes, ingerdients and methods of cooking.

student finance survival guide

This guide will take you through the basics of managing your finances at university and what to do if you are struggling for money as a student.

consumer rights survival guide

Consumers are constantly becoming more aware of their rights as buyers. This, along with the increasing power of the internet as a purchasing tool, has inspired us to write this guide.

shared accommodation survival guide

A personal experience of what living in shared accomodation is like, written by Miss Mondo. This topic is packed with tips and tricks for dealing with the inevitable ups and downs of living in shared accomodation.