Consumer rights survival guide

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Consumers are constantly becoming more aware of their rights as buyers. This, along with the increasing power of the internet as a purchasing tool, has inspired us to write this guide. If you feel that you have been missold an item, or have been 'ripped off' in any way you will feel more confident approaching the retailer to explain your problem if you are armed with the facts.

This guide aims to provide those basic facts, and covers the common scenarios where you, as a consumer, may have to stand up for you rights including; returning goods, holidays, flight delays and cancellations, data protection breaches and bank charges. We will also cover how to deal with these scenarios if your rights are breached, including how to complain and how the small claims court works.

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This topic is aimed at anyone wanting to know more about their consumer rights.

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There are no activities in this topic therefore it will only take you about half an hour to read all the information provided.

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You don't need any prior knowledge to do this topic.

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You do not need any resources for this topic.

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