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What are your strengths?

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Where do your strengths lie? Are you great with people, or animals? Are you a natural leader, or are you good at organising? Whatever you're good at, you need to be able to promote your strengths when you're looking for a job.

Working out what you do best can also help you decide what you'd like to do; for example, if you're great at researching and writing assignments at university, then journalism might be the job for you.

Activity: what are you good at? - 20 minutes

This activity will help you to discover where your strengths lie. Try to be honest with yourself, and think about every aspect of you and your personality. For example, you might captain a football team which requires leadership and team-working skills, or you might have worked in a shop, giving you experience in dealing with people.

1. Spend 10 minutes thinking about what you're good at, and make a list of these things.

2. Go through your list with someone who knows you well. Ask them if there's anything that you haven't written down that should be added.

Recommended Further Reading

Now you've thought about where your strengths lie, you can think about how you'll promote them in your CV.

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