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Preparing for additional questions

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The questions in the previous topic are some of the most frequently asked questions at job interviews. You might apply for jobs that require you to demonstrate particular skills or knowledge, so you'll need to be prepared to answer these job-specific questions too.

Activity: preparing for additional questions - 30 minutes or more

In this activity, you'll prepare to answer any additional job-specific questions you might be asked at interview.

1. Get hold a copy of the person specification for a job you are going to be interviewed for. Write a list of questions, specific to this job, that you think you may be asked.

2. Review your list, and think about the sort of information you'll need to answer the questions correctly. Be careful: if the question is "are you able to use X", then the correct answer from the employer's point of view will be "yes". But they could then ask you further follow-up questions, so if you can't use X, you'll be caught out.

3. Practice answering the potential questions that you identified, or ask someone to ask you the questions and listen to your answers. Keep practising until you're happy with your answers.

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