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You should now be fully prepared for interview and confident in your answers to pretty much all of the questions that you could be asked. Of course there'll be some questions you won't have anticipated, but if you've done as much thinking and preparation as possible you should be able to cope with even the most unexpected questions.

One final thing to think about before you head off to interview, is how you're going to present yourself - because first impressions really do count.

Below we have compiled a short list of tips on how to present yourself at interview - this is not a comprehensive list, and you can probably think of things we've missed.

Activity: what not to do - 20 minutes

Did you turn up for your last interview wearing jeans and chewing gum, and wonder why you didn't get the job? Perhaps not, but there are plenty of other, more subtle, things that can leave future employers with a negative impression of you.

There's a lot of information on the internet about what to do when job hunting, but there is also a growing number of sites dedicated to showing you what not do do.

1. Take a look at this website: www.nothired.com, or search the web for sites dedicated to what not to do when job hunting.

2. Explore the articles or forum postings. Are you surprised or appalled by some of the things people have done? Does anything resonate with things you may have done?

3. As you explore the site, make a note of anything you found interesting or surprising. You can use this list as a personal 'what not to do' check-list to use as you write your CV, apply for jobs and attend interviews - this will ensure you don't end up on www.nothired.com.

Recommended Further Reading

While www.nothired.com is a fun site, there's a serious message here too: getting the right job is a combination of a lot of factors, including having the right experience and qualifications, but also a bit of luck too. But successful job hunting also has a lot to do with attitude, and learning what not to do can be as important as learning what to do.

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