How to write professional email

Writing professional email

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Effective emailing is a useful transferable skill, and the skills you have practised in this topic are skills you will need when you are job-hunting and sending email at work.

If you need to send an email to a potential employer when you are applying for jobs, you'll want to make a good impression, so your new-found awareness of email bad practice should prove useful.

Activity: writing professional email - 5 minutes

1. Use the check list below to make sure you are sending professional emails to prospective employers.

In my email, I have... tick
included a clear, concise and explanatory subject  
used a respectful greeting (Dear...)  
used the correct title and name for the person I am contacting  
used correct spelling, grammar and punctuation  
used a polite and appropriate tone  
briefly and clearly explained who I am and why I am contacting them  
included the title and/or reference number of the job I am applying for  
briefly explained why I am suitable for the job  
confirmed that I have attached my CV and a covering letter - and made sure they are attached  
thanked them for their time  
signed off using my full name  
added a signature so they have my contact details  
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