Student cooking survival guide

Getting started

If you are a total novice and don't know how to boil an egg - don't worry you're not the only one! Pick one recipe from the selection on the right and take your time cooking it. After you've made this dish a couple of times try another recipe. You will soon build up a repertoire of dishes that you can cook from scratch and you will then be able to start experimenting with your own ideas.

cooking equipment

There are a few basic things that you will need in your kitchen. If your parents are especially nice they may buy you a few bits for your first house; if not, try the big supermarkets, they usually have a range of cheap kitchen equipment. To be able to cook the most basic of meals you will need:


You also want to keep some basic ingredients in your cupboard all the time:

Stuff you should always have in your fridge


I know I'm stereotyping when I say that student kitchens are sometimes lacking in the hygiene department, but believe me, I've seen some shockers!

When you are cooking you should try and maintain a good level of hygiene. The most important things to remember when cooking are:


A major consideration for most students when it comes to cooking is the price of ingredients. Large supermarkets are usually a cheap option, although you often need a car to get to these. Ordering your food online and getting it delivered is always an option, but you will have to pay a delivery charge. However, if you split this between your housemates it should work out pretty cheap.

It is always worth checking out local markets, greengrocers and butchers as they will usually be cheaper then the big supermarkets, the only problem is you have to go to a few shops to buy all your grub.

Generally speaking, cooking meals from scratch is cheaper than buying ready meals, and as you get more confident with cooking and using different ingredients, you will be able to use the ingredients that are on offer to create delicious meals.

cooking for one

Recommended Further Reading

From my experience, most students tend to cook for themselves as their housemates are on different budgets and timetables. However, if you can figure out a way to buy food and cook communally, this will be cheaper, and you don't have to cook everyday!

If you are cooking for yourself then I recommend cooking big portions of food, for example making a large lasagne, and then chopping it into portions and freezing it for a later date. Most of the recipes below serve four people, or yourself four times. If you want to cook bigger or smaller portions, just change the quantities accordingly. A couple of the recipes just serve one as they don't keep very well, if you have company then just double up the ingredients.

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