Student finance survival guide

The big question

Write down your total income and write down your total expenditure. Then, subtract your total expenditure from your total income and write down that figure.


The big question is.... is your income more than your expenditure? If it is you will have been left with a positive number, happy days! If you gain all the income you think you will and only spend what you have set out above, you will have enough money to last you through the year. However, it is important that you still budget each month to make sure you don't run out of money before your next loan installment arrives. If you are still concerned about your finances, or would like to have a bit more cash, have a read of the rest of this guide.

If, however, your expenditure is more than your income - then you have a problem - you will not have enough money to make it through the year. Before you start panic buying ASDA Smart Price beans by the crate load, you have two options to rectify this situation:

We will work through these options in the next two pages.

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