Student finance survival guide

Earning more

Recommended Further Reading

Have you made sure you are receiving your full loan entitlement? Check direct.gov for more information.

Have you thought about getting an overdraft? Most students will be able to get an interest free overdraft while they are in full time education - however, you will have to pay this back once you graduate and the chances are this overdraft will start building up interest once you have graduated too. For the best student accounts see the Money Saving Expert site.

Could you get a job either during the holidays or during term time? Students at Cambridge and Oxford are not allowed to undertake paid work during term time (this isn't to say that every student there abides by this rule!) and tutors at other universities often discourage paid work during term time. Having said that, around half of all university students do work while they are at university, and if you need to work to pay the rent you need to work! Bar, restaurant and call centre work are all popular with students but you should try to work for 15 hours or less per week to ensure you have plenty of time to complete you university work.

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